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Fall River and Sierra Nevada Shameless Collaboration

Collaboratin’ ain’t easy. Unless you are an icon of modern brewing trying to put together a great recipe with one of the burgeoning forces in craft beer. Then, it all comes out smooth. This was a dream team of old and new breweries.


Abe Kabakoff, a quiet, scientific minded pilot brewer (think interesting brews like Flipside IPA and Otra Vez) from Sierra Nevada teamed up with Clay Brackley, the passionately principled head brewer from Fall River. The result was a multi-faceted IPA called Bumpass Hell Ale, named after the live geothermal area in Lassen Volcanic National Park. It was a clear pale brew, fruity as well as spicy and walking the line between American Pale and a true IPA. Additions of apricot led to a tasty finish with just a tinge of fruit sour. The limited release was sold out within 90 minutes.


Still, even if you missed a pint of the coveted collaboration, it was a star-studded night at one of California’s finest Irish pubs. John and Amanda, Fall River’s reigning couple, were there and almost stole our baby…who’s probably the one that stole the last pint of Bumpass. Jay from NorCal Brewing Solutions brought in this year’s Homebrew competition winners to introduce them to the team that will brew their creation.


There were plenty of things to try from both Fall River and Sierra Nevada, and we discussed brewing philosophy in to the night. Randomly passing by we grabbed Bart, the head brewer for upcoming Redding brewpub Final Draft, and introduced him to Clay-I feel like there’s a friendship budding. Clay told another friend, “be weird. Your weirdness will be your success-you can’t be creative if you’re afraid to fail.” It’s a mantra that has pushed Fall River in to the limelight. He hopes to do the same for Redding, billing it as a place full of great people to collaborate with and a jump-off point for a world of outdoor wonder. So grab your trekking shoes, head to the nearest trail, and enjoy the wild. Then get back to town for more excellent weirdness from one of our growing list of local breweries.



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