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The Dip, Deschutes, and The Dipshits!

The Dip strives to be Redding’s number one destination for live music, fresh cocktails, and great beer. On Saturday they brought out all three in force with a ton of great pours from Deschutes Brewing and a variety of Rock ‘n Roll from house band, The Dipshits.


It was a lively young crowd, enthusiastically dancing and singing along with alt rock and punk hits from the 90’s and early 2000’s.¬†Partygoers enjoyed grinding selections bands such as Jimmy Eat World, Greenday and Taking Back Sunday.


Deshcutes beers were on point, as always, with hits ranging from Chainbreaker White IPA (floral, light and citrusy) to the black chocolate and coffee tones of Obsidian Stout. Give it a few days after the end of beer week, then look for the next show at The Dip, it’s sure to be a rockin’ good time!



Owners John and Aaron Gumm pause for a pic with Pacific Northwest Stalwart, Deschutes Brewing



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