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Lake Redding Golf Tournament 2016

If you haven’t played at Lake Redding Golf Course in a while, it’s worth getting out there. Besides a great craft beer selection, owners Jim and Linell Smith have worked hard over their six-year tenure to steadily improve the fairways and give us great golf in a central location. As much as any event, the golf tournament at Lake Redding has become a staple of beer week.


Duffers and craft lovers gathered early for the 10AM shotgun start. Honestly, what could be better than a cool August morning on the links, tasting nine beers on nine holes?


Half of my team was nursing a hangover, which we did by embracing the hair of the dog. This time, that meant pint cans of Hexagenia from fall River and plastic tasters of Pacifico on hole 5.

20160821_102147 20160821_105138

Now, I know what you are thinking … Pacifico is hardly craft, owned by Modelo and therefore AB-HugeBev. Apparently, there were challenges getting the legit craft pours that Lake Redding requested, so we also found Blue moon on hole 1. I will honestly say that when I’m looking for a lighter, Mexican style lager, Pacifico is a go to. Find us on facebook to let us know your favorite in that category!


Now for the tastings in the order we found them:

Hole 5: Pacifico Clara – light and clean, a good hydration beer for a long day ahead.

Hole 6: Lil’ Sumpin’ – A favorite from Lagunitas. A scribbled mess of notes from this tasting exclaims, “so hoppy and sweet! Amazing!”

Hole 7: Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. I made sure our pouring volunteer knew to tell folks this classic is foundational to the modern craft beer movement.

Hole 8: Hexagenia IPA from Fall River…now available in cans too! Delicious North State creation.

Hole 9: Lost Coast Tangerine – refreshing and true to its name. A great option for the growing heat as we approached noon.

Hole 1: Blue Moon – again, no longer a craft brew, but still a solid sweet palate option for a hot day.

Hole 2: Steelhead Extra Pale Ale from Mad River – throughout the summer, I’ve been buying cases of this at my local big box and I can’t stop. It’s clean and refreshing, entry level hoppy and perfect for my patio after work.

Hole 3: Sierra Nevada Nooner – this is a light, crisp lager that you can get in half-racks of cans. Not bad for a float day…at this point in the tournament I found myself loving it.

Hole 4: Honestly can’t read my notes. It was that kind of day. Somebody comment and remind me!

After reading the above, can you imagine why my team didn’t win? We generated enough fun for everybody, though, and let the title for this year go to Jared and team, pictured below.


Lunch was outstanding as well. Huge thanks to Lake Redding Golf Course for again hosting an amazing event. If you didn’t make it this year, plan to go early next year and taxi home.

20160821_150539 20160821_142106

 Many thanks to Tyler V. Lockamy for photographing the event!

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