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Woody’s Brewing Comedy Series: Stephen B

Woody’s Brewing Company sits on a quiet end of Oregon St. between an Antique Mall and the VFW. For the beer lover, this place has it all. There is an interesting pub menu – just foodie enough to seem cutting edge, while still filling my stomach and not emptying my pockets. There is good beer – and something for everybody. They have broad-appeal (Swheat Dream) and fruity beers to tempt sweeter palates (Apricot Wheat), and a double IPA (Hopzerker) that will knock your socks off. Shown below is a sample of the velvety Vanilla Porter that our corespondent tried. Whatever you came to do, Woody’s has the answer.


On Sunday, hopefully you came to laugh. Those lucky enough to get one of 70 sold out tickets gathered in the intimate back room to the left of the main dining room. The first Comedy Hour debuted during RBW 2015, and owner Scott has kept the buzz going with quarterly events ever since. This particular night had a smooth feel, leading to a warm atmosphere for the performer, Stephen B.


He regaled the gathered patrons with a variety of subjects, including a war, because, you know, there are people out there with bumper-stickers that read, “War is not the Answer!” But what was the question? What if the question was, “Who sang ‘Why can’t we be Friends?'” Then War is  the answer.


Look for more comedy goodness from Woody’s in the year to come. Additionally, with the opening of on-site brewing, look for a veritable cornucopia of beers to come flowing out of the back room. Get your tasting cups ready, Redding, it’s going to be a good year for beer.


Many thanks to RBW Committe Member Michelle Miner who provided content for this article.

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