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Home Brew Contest Winner: Vanilla Stout Release at Fall River

It was a lively crowd that turned out at Fall River’s polished, small, but open feeling tasting room on Saturday. Many were the same wonderful folks we’d met at the Home Brew Competition earlier, all in a great mood to celebrate last year’s winner with the release. They arrived with this year’s winners, whom we all welcomed and toasted as year’s reigning champions. Salud!

2015 winning Vanilla Stout creator Jim Dobbs, left, with this year’s champs, April and Keith.

The vanilla stout, 6%ABV, is fantastic. It is smooth and rich, without being too filling. It smells of a mocha and goes down like a latte. Actual coffee flavor doesn’t come forward, but is hinted at throughout the experience. We were too busy socializing to get a photo of the beer so we hope you get the drift. Black, beautiful, and full of flavor. I doubt they have any left, but stout enthusiasts would do well to go see for themselves.


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