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Mad River Brewing

Mad River Brewing РIn 1989 a home-brewer took his obsession and hard work to the next level. Building from the ground up, using equipment outgrown by pioneers of the craft beer industry, Mad River Brewing was born. For over 26 years the folks at Mad River have continued this passion by brewing traditional ales in the very same facility where the journey began, merely a stone’s throw from the Mad River in Blue Lake, Humboldt County, CA. Their flagship, Steelhead Extra Pale Ale, and other award winning brews have gained worldwide recognition for their unique flavor profile and consistent quality. Through dedication to producing the highest quality craft beer, Mad River Brewing continues to pursue outstanding ales and expand the art of brewing. From their beer garden, CHEERS to great beer!

What to look forward to from the brewery at Beer Week:

August 21st:Opening Ceremonies, Pouring: Steelhead Extra Pale Ale, Double IPA and Jamaica Red

August 25th: Taco Pairing Bleachers Sports Bar. Pouring: Steelhead Extra Pale, Jamaica Red and Steelhead Porter

August 26th: Blind tasting at Vintage Wine Bar, Pouring: Humboldt Haze, Humboldt Brownie, Bourbon Vanilla Porter

August 27th: Humboldt Night at Bleachers. Steelhead Extra Pale Ale, Jamaica Red, Steelhead Porter and River Day Session IPA

August 29th; Tap takeover with cask at Alehouse Pub

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