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Taco Tuesday at Bleacher’s Sports Bar

There are few traditions in our culture so sacred as Taco Tuesday, probably because Tuesday is named after a Norse god of combat, victory, and heroic glory. In other words: YOU DEFEATED MONDAY, YOU HERO, NOW HERE’S A TACO. EAT IT IN YOUR GLORY. Since it’s Redding Beer Week, no mere Taco Tuesday would do, so the warriors at Bleacher’s Sports Bar and Mad River Brewing united to present TWO kinds of tacos and TWO beers. Victory, indeed.IMG_1582
Wendy and I went early in the evening, when everyone was getting off work and drifting in, slow of step, empty of stomach, and tired of boss. Being early on a Tuesday and already five days into beer week, we were reticent to put yet another pint glass in our hands, and opted to split the sampler. (Goddesses of combat? Perhaps not, but there’s something to be said for humility.) The RBW special was a carne asada taco and a pork taco, with 4 oz tastes of Mad River’s Steelhead Scotch Porter and Jamaica Red Ale. (You know it’s a northern California beer if it’s named after a trout.) There was a good amount of flavor to both tacos, and while Mad River makes a great Porter, we both felt the Red Ale did the best job of finishing off the flavor experience. Its roasty malt and lack of bitterness made for a great pairing with the tacos’ smoky spice. IMG_1597Mad River’s Brian stopped by our table and answered all our questions, inviting us to drop by the small but ever-hospitable brewery the next time we were on the coast. Put another Taco Tuesday on the books. And claim your glory by capping next week’s off with a Mad River Red.

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