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SweetSpot Concert and Brews

Sweet Spot, known for their fabulous Cupcakes, Gilato and Cheesecakes, also serves excellent wines and brews and fun foods. Last night was no exception. From the moment I walked in the door and found a seat at the crowded bar, I was greeted with knowledgeable bar staff, unique and tasty brews, the best pulled pork sandwich I’ve ever had, and some seriously loud music.IMG_1383_edited

The big draw tonight may have been the local bands, but the beers won my attention. Of the 4 beers they had me tasting, all were different and delicious, but 2 really stood out as unique experiences.

  1. They started me with the Purple Haze from the Abita Brewing Co. This pleasant lager has a 4.2ABV and while light in color has a bright and fruity taste. Those distinct fruity notes are actually those of real raspberries added in after filtration. A perfect, refreshing beer after a backpacking trip.
  1. Next was a taste of the Lost Abbey Devotion, a golden Belgian with a ABV of 6.2. The classic floral notes with a subtle sweetness came in an exceptionally artistic bottle.IMG_1361_edited
  1. Third, and this is where the beers stepped up their game, I was given a glass of Duhbe Imperial Black IPA. Yes, it is aptly named, thick and rich like you’d find with a stout, but with hop notes from an IPA. An interesting, yet pleasant experience to say the least. Duhbe also brews all their beers with 100% renewable energy, which is just a great bonus on the side.
  1. The bar staff at Sweet Spot truly saved the most epic for last. Several scoops of whole, Mount Shasta grown hops were scooped into a type of tea pot and then filled with half a bottle of Knee Deep Brewing Co’s 11.25ABV, Triple IPA. It was then basically French pressed for 2 minutes and poured for me. This is brew was so aggressive I actually shuddered, a serious IPA lover’s dream. Hoppy, hazy, with just a touch of sweetness, it went quite nicely with my sweet and savory pulled pork sandwich.IMG_1420_edited

The type of live music that brooding beer drinkers love, childhood favorite movies like HOOK playing in the background, unique brews and fantastic food, made this event an ultimate Beer Week event. When the music wasn’t too loud I found that the bar staff was friendly, knowledgeable, and really love their beer.

SweetSpot will be hosting a Beer Inspired Art event where you can taste some more great brews, and even try your hand at painting your own bottles. That’s all happening on Thursday at 6p.

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