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Suds and Slides: Fall River Brewing Party at WaterWorks Park

The event that I’ve been anticipating for the last seven months has come and gone, and it lived up to all my expectations: good beer, good friends, and waterslides with zero lines. It’s pretty much a grown-up child’s dream come true.


The crowd was an eclectic one, with both old friends and people new to town, all with one thing in common: a healthy love of beer. As the night continued, everyone had a few more things in common: huge, silly grins on their faces and the camaraderie that manifests when you share an inner tube and scream like a child with another so-called adult.


John and Amanda Hutchins from Fall River Brewing rented out WaterWorks Park on Thursday, brought in some of their beer and threw a great party: Hexagenia was on tap, all the slides were open, and there wasn’t a line in sight. After the first round of Hexes went out, we all hit the slides and hilarity ensued.

The topic of Best Slide was hotly contested, mostly between the super-steep adrenaline-inducing Avalanche and the pitch-black Dragon slide, but Avalanche took the prize for its universal appeal: not only is it fun to ride, but it’s also great to see the faces of riders as they drop over the edge.


The event ended at 10pm, but everyone had so much fun that the parking lot was full of people figuring out how we can make this an annual (of not monthly event). Hats off to Fall River Brewing and WaterWorks Park for helping a bunch of adults feel like kids again.

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