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Session Brews With Tops Fresh Market

Heading into this market on the outskirts of Redding, you wouldn’t think that the back corner would be packed with people and good beer. But as I made my way down the aisle I could see the event that drew me in was very popular indeed. Today Nick, the beverage manager and beer aficionado was pouring an excellent round of session beers; which he calls “the new market leader”. Nick talked extensively about the shift from heavy brews full of flavor but too high in ABV for sustained enjoyment when out with friends or enjoying a  backyard BBQ. That’s the great part about Session beers – still plenty of flavor, but less of a kick so you can have a few and still function for the rest of the day. For only $1 it wasn’t hard to be excited about this event.DSC_0933_edited

Nick had assembled 5 brews specifically known for their session strength and full-bodied flavors. He lined them up and we had a great time talking through their unique charms in order:

  1. 21st Amendment’s Down to Earth Session – This hoppy brew comes off light with a crisp flavor and a slightly bitter finish that would be perfect for a summer day in the shade. Light and fresh, it has enough flavor to keep you coming back for another throughout an easy afternoon.
  2. Firestone’s Easy Jack – This brew is a bit lighter than the last, with a clean and filtered look but a distinct sweet hint on the finish. It’s an enjoyable beer that feels light but still lays down a solid flavor worth bringing along to your buddy’s next shindig.
  3. Eel River’s Emerald Triangle Session – This beer turned a bit more earthy, with a darker color and earthier flavors. This beer wasn’t my favorite with more of a piney flavor, but the tart bitter finish was a surprising element I really enjoyed.
  4. Lagunitas’ Daytime Ale – This brew bumped up the IBUs for a bit of a thicker profile, but it still remained light and very drinkable. The flavors we’ve all come to love with Lagunitas were still alive and well, but a little less potent so a six pack of this would be a great pick.
  5. Karl Struss’ Mosaic – Tasting this one last was a good call, this new brew is an exceptional example of what we love about session brews. It starts out fruity on the front, with a bit of sweetness and a clean bitter piney finish.

Overall, this was a great event and we loved to see the turnout. Nick knows his beers and you can tell it’s a passion for him. Stop on by and talk shop with him any time if you’re looking for a recommendation on brews!

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