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Lip Ripa Relaunch at Fall River Brewing

I’ve made it very clear that Fall River Brewing’s Lip Ripa triple IPA was my favorite beer last year, and when Fall River finally ran out, I mourned like I lost a beloved pet.

Fortunately, the sweet, hoppy, 13%-ABV delicacy is back. Relaunched last night, Lip Ripa version 2 has the same hop profile as the first – rich and sweet, just shy of being too malty, without any of the burn that you’d expect from a 13% beer.

Last night, the pub was jumping with folks eager to be the first to dip into the Lip Ripa stash, but there’s still plenty more. Run down to Fall River’s Tap House and grab a glass, but take it slow. That stuff’s so¬†smooth you might forget¬†how potent it is.


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