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Late Night Laughs with Woody’s

Loud voices and laughing from within and a “sold out, standing room only” sign outside the door were my first hints this was going to be a big event. The place was packed and Brad Bonar Jr. was about to go on so we took a seat at one of the tables in the back room and prepared ourselves for standing through out the event. IMG_1484

Immediately, the owner greeted us and brought me an Apricot Wheat ale. This unfiltered brew was fruity and yeasty with a distinct apricot aroma, a nice treat after a big weekend of bold beers. As the crowd moved their chairs to face the stage, everyone put in their drink orders to enjoy during the show. Among the Apricot Wheat, the Nutty Woody brown ale and Berserker IPA flowed out of the taps. The Nutty Woody is the perfect brown ale, with a malty sweetness of toffee and caramel. It’s medium-dry finish pairs effortlessly with most pub food, especially the fish and chips. The Berserker is applauded by most IPA drinkers. IMG_1498With a strong hop profile, the citrus hits you both in smell and taste but is nicely balanced with the supporting malts. Try this beer with any of Woody’s epic burgers or tots. IMG_1511

Brad Bonar Jr. was not only a comedian but also a magician who included the crowd several times through out his show. What more could you ask for entertainment!? With good food, excellent beer, and a seriously funny comedian, you almost don’t even realize he’s being inappropriate. What better way to spend Sunday night at beer week than with classic brews and hardy laughs?IMG_1505

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