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Lake Redding 9on9 Scramble Golf Tourney and BBQ

Waking up early on a Saturday isn’t usually my style. But this morning as I looked out at blue skies with a cool summer breeze I was awake and ready to meet the day. That’s because this morning we were heading down to Lake Redding Golf Course for a scramble, and the best part – Beer at every hole. Like a massive flight, 9 breweries awaited us across the 22 acre course nestled next to the elevated train trestle, one per hole. Lake Redding is a compact, efficiently laid out course in the most convenient of locations right in Caldwell Park, with good beer on tap, and a friendly staff to ask about the greens. Many of the tournament-goers peered at the bright morning through sunglasses with bloodshot eyes. Our condition was a telltale sign of how many delicious beers we sampled at the opening ceremony the previous night. The groups were there and happy though, and ready for a little hair of the dog.20150822_20150822_RBW-00682_HDR

Our group lined up for the scramble format tournament starting at the 6th hole. There, we found what I’m calling the day’s “Best Breakfast Beer.” This was the Pittville Porter from local brewers, Fall River. It’s a solid, rich brew heavy in B Vitamins and Caramel flavor, and was the perfect offering. We teed off and enjoyed the start of a day that would be filled with ribbing and a plank contest (our editor, David Skinner took gold on that one with a time of 3:22.)20150822_20150822_RBW-00826_HDR
We tasted and hacked our way to a mid-day par score and the best midday brew: 329 Lager (which we’ve already reviewed here). This was Poured by the lovely, lively Mo from Golden Road. As her favorite group, she helped us out with heavy pours of the Crisp, refreshing brew.

For a bunch of unrested beer enthusiasts, we played surprisingly honest golf-it’s easy when you’re playing best ball. The last third of our nine hole adventure brought us to the “Backside Best Beer” of the day. Mad River’s Jamaica Red Ale. The rich copper malts and pleasant hop balance sent us on to the afternoon with a sweetish tinge. A Couple of balls in the water and a couple more tastes of fine beer and we laughed our way back to the barbecue. 20150822_20150822_RBW-00802_HDRThere we were treated to delicious burger, smothered in grilled onions and pepper jack cheese. Now that’s what I call an exceptional start to a great weekend with Redding Beer Week.20150822_20150822_RBW-00535_HDR

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