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Deschutes Karaoke After-Party at the Showboat Lounge

If you weren’t ready for the party to end after the blockbuster Opening Ceremony, Showboat Lounge had a solution: the after-party.


It’s a small dive bar (we say ‘dive’ with love and respect for gritty neighborhood bars everywhere) with pool tables and a little dance floor.


On Friday, many of those who could still stand well enough to spit out lyrics to their favorite tunes gathered at Hartnell and Cypress to keep the fun going.


Deschutes’ famous pours were there as well, with their flagship Black Butte Porter providing a woody, light chocolate and coffee set of flavors to beef up your evening. Their Fresh Squeezed IPA is so clean, palatable and delicious that it was sold out by the time our correspondent arrived.

Many thanks to RBW Committee member and correspondent Phillip Eversole for providing notes for this article.

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